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Crowd Science and Engineering (CSE) is a new discipline that studies the theories, methodologies and engineering applications of cyber-physical-social system technologies. It is an interdisciplinary area that draws on contributions from multiple fields such as crowdsourcing, system theory, information theory, control theory, computer science, engineering, management, economics, sociology, psychology, and others. It aims to establish fundamental theories of intelligent crowd behaviors in a networked society and explore new ways to develop and harness the potential of both individual and group intelligence. CSE is also concerned with the development of engineering methods and technical tools that help to solve complex problems which computers or humans alone cannot solve efficiently.

Thematic areas related to CSE include, but are not limited to:
• Models and Methods for Crowd Science and Engineering
• Artificial Intelligence
• Human Computation
• Human Computer Interaction
• Cloud Computing
• Big Data
• Internet of Things
• Theoretical limitations of Crowd Science and Engineering

Some emerging applications of CSE include, but are not limited to:
• Massive Open Online Courses
• Aging
• E-Health
• E-Commerce
• E-Government
• Shared Economy